Monday, 12 May 2008

Induction to the Project

For the project we have been given by Nickelodeon/ skillset

. The competition is open to up to 80 students enrolled at universities and colleges that study animation over the uk

. One idea Entry per student

. Entry form must be in by the 25th of April

. Travel to the Nickelodoen Uk's offices in london to pitch idea's and present there full treatments on the 6th/7th of May and 12th/13th of June

. All idea's must be no longer than 30 seconds

. Entrants with the 4 best animations (runner ups) will be judged by the promoter and will receive a professional audio mix of there animation

(a) The audio mix prize to be taken between 5th August 2008-1st October 2008
(b) Audio mix process will not exceed 3 hours
(c) promoter will pay £200 for the audio mix
(d) The animations of the runner ups will be broadcast on Nicktoons
(e) promoter will pay for reasonable expenses

. The winner of the entrants will commence there internship on the 1st of september 2008 for 5 weeks and will cease on the 26th of septemper 2008 the winner will be paid a total of £1000 for there time

. The runner ups and the winner will be announced ether by email, ofr post on the 4th of August 2008

For the project to run smoothly we have got a production schedule to make sure the project works well and we dont fall behind

Here is the production sheet to make sure we stay on track

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