Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Update on our progress

I've been a bastard letting James post our work onto our blog alone, and then I remembered that we're a team so I should at least put something on our blog. So here's my first post. Go team retard!

Works has been going well so far. Overall Nick was happy with our pitch. They even asked to keep a copy of the DVD of our work- probably to steal our ideas and make a cartoon series about them I bet/hope :(

Anyways, they said to go back to the drawing board and think about the characters some more. The characters designs are great (thanks go to James!) but they are lacking story and character, they suggested that each character should have his/her own motives and should all be related to each other more closely.

Isn't this meant to be a 10 second advert filler? How much story can you fit into that? How can you explain character personalities and motives in such a short time? What’s wrong with a pointless fart joke? These are all questions we kept to ourselves at the time of pitching as it looks like we need to re-examine our characters and storyboards to make something tailored to what they want.

They suggested some ideas such as the superman being a complete failure at his job due to his tiny size and how the characters could all be living together in a living room. They loved the combination of live-action and 2D/almost 3D animation.

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