Thursday, 29 May 2008

The wrestler is done now. However we had some problems with the texturing. As this character is unlike the other characters as the wrester has a lower polycount and hard edges, this created a problem for the highlighting of the characters textures as the highlights depends on how the polygons are facing the scenes light source. If the character side is totally flat then there won't be any variation- so it would be either light or dark - no inbetweens. We overcame the problem by adding some more polys around the character to make is look like there is some highlighted areas when really it's just a lighter textured part of the character. Other parts of the character had to changed from the drawing though to solve problems with the outline.

The outline tool is a random one as sometimes it works fine and othertimes it's annoying as it sometimes sees random verticies as border lines so you end up with random black lines on your character. After merging some polys and reducing details on the waist the problem was eventually sorted.

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